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It seems like every month or two, someone is making claims that there are massive changes afoot when it comes to Denver SEO. One of the latest revolves around Google's decision to stop publishing any form of PageRank ratings. For some SEOs, this is seen as the death of PageRank altogether, while others say that Google is still using the calculation and just keeping the numbers to itself.

The most likely answer is that Google is indeed still using PageRank. It needs a way to decide which pages to put on top of the listings, and while the specifics change, the bottom line is that there will always be a ranking algorithm and that links will play a part in it. Without the link factor, search engine optimization would warp 15 years into the past and results quality would plunge.

With that in mind, it can be assumed that the normal factors involved in gaining rank are still in place. The top factors to pay attention to are links, content, and site structure.


The SEO world is powered by links. For this reason, any good SEO package will have some form of link-building included. This is true whether the campaign is local or national. Link-building efforts take many forms, ranging from simple automated link spam all the way to the careful contacting of tightly-selected website sites and the provision of individually-crafted posts and other content. In general, the best links come from the most work, while cheap ones are likely to be discounted by Google or worse. Therefore, it's a good idea to avoid companies selling bulk links for super-low prices.


In today's world, Google has finally become reasonably good at being able to tell which content is worth reading and which is just filler. Therefore, many SEO agencies offer packages to provide worthwhile content to their customers. This content may go directly on the customer's site, or it may be used to hold links and be placed on other sites. In either case, high quality content is superior to cheap, hard-to-read versions.

Site Structure

One other factor sometimes comes into play when working to improve search engine ranks: On-site optimization. Sites running on platforms such as WordPress tend to have problems with content duplication, navigation that's hard for Googlebot to spider, and similar issues. Some SEO firms therefore offer on-site optimization services meant to correct these problems. It can be a good idea to accept the offer if a site is using one of these popular platforms.

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